My Journey

I was born in Northern Italy in 1988 and started yoga on a life changing pilgrimage in 2009 where i walked 1000 km by feet.

It was like the ignition of a fire that could not stop burning.


Yoga gave me methods for inner strength and health.

I found myself spending most of my time practicing and studying this ancient tradition.

Back then I practiced extensively Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and traditional Indian Pranayama extensively with different teachers in Europe and in India.


In 2013, with my fist meeting with a Tibetan Lama, the yogic tradition from Tibet entered my life, and it was like coming back home.  

I got completely immersed in the Tantric Vajrayana tradition and this led me to meet other meditation teachers and spiritual mentors.


The Vajrayana Subtle Energetic System is the root of my yogic research. 


Although I immensely enjoy the practice for its Spiritual and physical healing effects, I have a special interest in the energetic and emotional aspect. I research into Indian and Chinese traditions, but found out that the Tibetan Transmission and Buddhist Tantric Yoga System offer me the most complete tools to use energy to generate the discovery of strong inner joy and clarity.

I am currently studying the Tibetan tradition. I travel to different teachers (mostly native tibetans), of different schools in order to collect many techniques and traditions.


I am deeply thankful to be able to study this traditions in my journey. For me it's like a precious jewel that I carry in my heart. It's like a safe boat that allow me to navigate in the ocean of life.

I am honoured to be able to share this with others.

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