The wish-fulfilling gem



Inner Tantric Alchemy

The hidden Power of the Human body.

Inner Tantric Alchemy is a collection of procedures that originate in Highest Yoga Tantra and Tantric Medicine.

This powerful methods works with concepts ads intellectual mind but trough raw feelings and subtle energies.

This procedures purify, balance, strengthen, harmonize and unify our inner masculine and femmine essences. It release and transform effectively the whole spectrum of our emotions.

The result is a profound impact in our relationship with ourselves, that manifest in a restructure and harmonization of our relationship with others and our environment bypassing our psychological or conceptual mind.

Inner Alchemy bring a stable presence of clarity, inner love, self confidence, psychological health and spiritual realisation.


The fine taste of Awareness

Meditation means becoming familiar with the workings of our mind and emotions so we can understand them better. In this way we can establish an harmonious relation with ourselves and others without easily falling into automatic, subconscious responses. 

By working with our breath we access the inner wind energy that functions as the subtle support for the mind.

 We can then treat ourselves into a deeply enjoyable and blissful state of mind that brings clarity and wisdom.

Yogic Body Conditioning

The best support for a light life

For centuries the Yogis have meditated long hours for days, months and years in remote caves of the Himalayas by keeping the most efficient postures required for meditation.

This series of exercises drawing from Tibetan Yoga, Indian Yoga and Modern Yoga aim to condition the physical body channels and constituent into an efficient, light and elastic support for a smooth and blissful life and a concentrated and pliable meditation.

Tibetan Energetic Yoga

Ancient Traditional Healing Wisdom

Rooted in the Traditional Buddhist Tantric Medicine and Tibetan Shamanic Traditions, the Tibetan Energetic Yoga exercises are a collection of ancient yogic techniques that i collect trough my studies.


This practices practices where used for centuries to effectively prevent diseases, strengthen the human system, support, accompany and accelerate the healing processes, and ultimately support spiritual realisation and enlightment.

The core of the practice involve special breath-works that generate a strong feeling of inner warm blissfulness.


The result is an increase of the feeling of happiness and openness trough the body-mind system.


This practice  enhance the ability to feel and experience Joy without external reasons as the basis for physical and spiritual healing.

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