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The body as a Mandala

A Mandala is a central concept in Tantric Buddhism.

Many are its layers and meaning, as that esoteric tradition is rich and profound.

We can generally say that a Mandala is a structure that comprise a center and a periphery and represent a universe.

Many are familiar with the sand mandalas that monks use to build everywhere in the west as part of events to promote their culture.

Building a sand mandala is a work that require especially concentration and patience. Is a long process, but probably the most astonishing thing is that shortly after being build the mandala is dismissed and its sands are scattered.

This, in Buddhism, is to counteract the extreme of eternalism a reminder of the impermanent nature of phenomena.

When we see our body as a mandala during our yoga practice, we integrate this concepts to generate the right context to gather the maximum result from it.

Like mandala we look at our body as our inner universe. We don’t take it for granted, we explore it and we get to know it better.

Like mandala the various actions are to be performed from the center and towards the center. The exercises will result in a more balanced and harmonious body and mind during our day to day life.

Like mandala the exercises are to be performed with patience, care, concentration and precision. Exactly like the monks working with the sand we will become absorbed completely in the present moment of our actions.

Like mandala we always let go of the results of our yoga practice, we enjoy it but we understand its impermanence so we will reduce our expectation from it. We dive into it but we don’t get attached to it and always letting it go.

Like mandala is the enlightened universe of a buddha we see our body as vehicle for a more loving, fulfilling and meaningful life.

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