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The Tigle (or Essence) and Emotional Stability

Many energetic systems talks about energy channels and the energy that flows in them,

but i found the on of the specialities of the system coming from Tantrayana is the concept of Tigle or essence, which is some kind of very subtle substance that the energy transport trough the channels.

Normally when we have problems related to physical discomfort and pains are related to our channels.

Problems related to our energy are related to our energy-winds flowing trough them.

When we experience problem related to our happiness we experience problems related to our Tigles or Essences.

Tantric Tibetan Medicine affirm that happiness is our natural condition and when the elements of channels winds and essences are in balance we experience this state.

Happiness here doesn’t mean a brief ands scatter joyful effusion in us but a deep contentment that lies beyond and within the waves of our experience, is the experience of living a life with an open and truly compassionate (not naive) heart.

If we experience emotions like deep sadness, depression, fear, a scattered and nervous joy, intense ups and downs and this are consistent and they gets too much in the way and they create obstacles in our life and relationships we have a problem of unstable Tigle.

On a merely physical level the Tigle is mainly related with our hormones and its stabilisations are related in working with the chakras in front of the spine.

In traditional buddhist tantra we speak of 2 Tigles one related especially to the blood quality and the belly and one related to the the proper hormones and the brain.

The tigle in the belly is especially important to stabilise our happiness, because it provides the stable heat necessary for the tigle in the brain to provide a stable release of happiness hormones.

The core and the root of the practice of Tibetan yoga is Holding The Vase Breath in which we stabilise our energies in the navel, giving strength to our Tigle, and allowing us to have a more robust, mature and effective relationship with our emotional landscape.

We will then experience all spectrum of emotions from a deeper grounded state, in which we fully allow our experience to come, to stay and to go, with love.

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