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Sitting on a Lotus Throne

Many meditation teacher will say: just sit comfortably, use a chair, just cross leg as you can, use a cushion, just feel comfortable. Yeah thats right. But really this is missing the whole point of why posture in yogic tradition is of a paramount importance, because in the yogic tradition when the right posture happen, meditation is automatically achieved.

We read in the Samputa Tantra:

“if the key points of the physical posture are not known, None of the sadhana practices in the eighty-four thousands Dharma teachings will bear results.”

In esoteric yoga posture is of vital importance. And the posture to meditate is the Vajra Posture know commonly in india as Padmasana or lotus posture. There is a complete difference in the quality and stillness of the mind when one meditates in the lotus posture or not.

The great third Karmapa said: “When the body as a support is bound by the yogic postures, in the mind as what is supported all kind of thoughts will stop by themselves.”

The key point of the vajra posture are 7 but here we will focus on the first one: the leg crossed on on top of each other.

The main function of getting into lotus is to bring the downward moving internal energy wind Up in the central channel of the body: the texts say this will reduce 84 thousands obstacles: so basically with this exaggeration our yogic ancestors wanted to point out that crossing the legs that way IS VERY IMPORTANT. This give strength and stability to the meditation and will prevent our mind to slip into torpor and dullness. But also this will lighten up the lower part of the central channel called in the Kalachakra Tantra the Shankini channels, where the drops of bliss reside. so crossing the legs will multiply the sensation of bliss we want to bring forth into the yogic meditation.

The sensation that the lotus bring cannot be duplicated in bringing realisation on how to gather the winds into the central point in the middle of the belly in the practice of the Vase breath.

Really there is no substitute if you really want quality.

The lotus and the feeling of the lotus always induced in me a feeling of bliss, beauty dignity and nobility.

Many would say: “is damn difficult to get into the lotus. yes it can be. but only because your body is not conditioned.”

Lotus is not for the few. Lotus is for everybody. First you really need to decide and put your intention that you are going to have your Lotus Throne to sit on. Second you just need to condition your legs and hips. Daily. If your intention is really clear you will have no excuse: because it do not take really long. With 15 minutes per day the hip will open, and guarantee maximum in a year you will have your lotus seat. but hey! 15 minutes per day 5 times a week.

Beautiful and powerful are many of advanced esoteric yoga techniques, but they really require a strong, powerful and flexible physical body. and this is possible. you just need to have fun to condition your body physically and work with determination to develop a support for higher energies to achieve the most blissful meditative states.

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