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How to Heal the body in Yogic Tantric Medicine

Om Ah Hum

Body Speech Mind

The Mind is the root.

The Mind create the Body.

The interaction between Mind and Body create the Speech.

In Tantric Yogic Medicine:

The body is the Channels.

The mind is the Essences.

The speech is the Wind-Energy.

The Mind create the Body.

To heal and regenerate the Body we need to use the Essences.

Essences are the medicine, the elixir of immortality.

Essences are happiness, sensations of bliss, love and orgasm.

To get in contact with the essence the most stable way is meditation.

Meditation here means to focus our attention on the sensations that arise on specific part of the body where there is a high concentration of essence.

This points are know as Chakras.

To enhance the experience of the essence and make meditation powerful, the breath is regulated well, without any straining, experiencing all its phases: inhalation, exhalation ad retention.

Then the Essences are sent to the part of the body in need for healing, rebuilding, restructuring or rejuvenating.

The Essences are directed toward specific Channels.

The vehicle for moving the Essences is the Wind-Energy.

Wind-Energy primary vehicle on a physiological aspect is blood.

The essences are sent to the desired body part by means of exercises that provide strong blood flow toward that very body part.

The experience is happiness, warmth and bliss in the mind and in the body, especially in the target part.

The body is strengthened, obstacles removed.

The mind gains Clarity.

A spontaneous gift is delivered by the method.

Because the essences contain the secret of the spiritual nature of reality, automatically spiritual realisations will arise.

By applying this method always in every condition, drinking the elixir of our natural happiness will benefit on a temporary and not temporary way.

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