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What is Traditional Wisdom?

"Tradition is not the worshipping of the ashes but the passing of the fire." - Gustav Mahler

"Wisdom is something without thinking" - Tulku Lobsang

In every culture there is a tradition that is nothing else than a Method to access Wisdom.

This is Traditional Wisdom.

What is wisdom?

Methods itself cannot grasp wisdom, wisdom is beyond concepts.

Methods are like a boat and Wisdom is like land.

When we are in waters we need a boat so we can sail and traverse it.

This waters are all the obstacles to our health and happiness.

This boat are the traditions we need and must preserve.

Once we are in the land, like once we tap into Wisdom trough the traditional Methods, we don't need a method like the boat anymore.

On the land we can then gather and use material to build and repair our boat.

Also when we bring our experience in sailing to the land, we can use it to build a better boat. To craft a better method to sail.

Of course the new boat is still a boat and will conserve all the qualities that allow us to sail, like to be able to float and to gain speed in water. But maybe it will have a better aerodynamics or so, and we will sail more efficiently in relation to the conditions of the sea.

Improvement in the Methods conserve all the qualities that are used to access Wisdom, but every time they will be more and more efficient, generation after generation, generation after generation.

So the methods of Traditional Wisdom are very very special methods.

Real Traditional Methods rarely became problems.

This methods are a burning fire, that needs to be kept alive not by preserving stubborning the empty shell of methods that no longer suits humans of this times, but by constantly using the Traditions of our Ancestors to tap into Wisdom.

And every time we tap into Wisdom, tradition is reborn and renewed with new life force in its methods.

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