Tibetan Yoga Energetics

The yogic energetic system that originate from Tantrayana Buddhism is very special. It focus on discovering and enhancing our innate blissful state, spreading this feeling trough the body reducing conceptual thoughts in the mind. When the mind get still and the body relax in an intense warm feeling, healing on many levels takes place. In this 2 days workshop we will immerse ourselves like yogis into the practice of this ancient energetic system merging theory with practice, going with open heart trough 3-4 session daily. We will explore the network of energy channels trough methods for a direct immediate experience. We will learn how to harmonise and recharge our energy system trough the practice of the vase breath, the jewel and foundation of this sweet warm system. Much can be said about the benefit of this but this practice can only be felt. Join us, bring your purest intentions and/or goals like seeds to this workshop, we will dive into blissful energy as a soil to nurture them in our heart so they can grow and bare fruit. see you there! Om Ah Hum!

In this 2-days seminar we will go step by step deeper into our inner dimensions.


Some of the topics we will organically go through in this seminar include:


  • Lujong exercises for inner balance of the 5 elements.

  • Self massage techniques to remove energy stagnations and bring clarity and relaxation.

  • The 3 inner Channels and the main branch channels, wind energy and exercises to discover them.

  • The 3 active elements of wind, fire and water: inner movement, inner warmth and inner pleasure.

  • The 9 round clearing breathing exercise in depth.

  • The Vase Holding breath.

  • Traditional Meditation techniques

When? Where? How Much?


Vienna 02-03.02.2019

Garuda Warrior Academy

Diefenbachgasse 46

1150 Wien

This workshop will only be held with a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 10 participants.

Write me to book your place!

Confirmation will only be issued after the payment is received at:

Sebastiano Maria Vai


AT06 6000 0101 1025 3589

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