Body Mandala Yoga is the fruit of my ongoing research since 11 years in the field of Yogic techniques with the purpose of finding and collecting effective methods for healing, empowering and supporting a meaningful life on material and spiritual level.

The spiritual and medical roots of Body Mandala Yoga is the Energetic System of Buddhist High Yoga Tantra and Traditional Tantric Tibetan Medicine.

I share Tibetan Energetic Yoga, Inner Tantric Alchemy and Yogic Body Conditioning.


My main and root practice is Tibetan Tsa-Lung-Tigle Yoga, but in the field of my experience and research is also Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Traditional Indian Yoga, Modern Yoga, Chinese Qigong and Ayurvedic principles.

Body Mandala Yoga is a collection of the best techniques found in many different cycles and schools of this ancient yogas that i am studying. Many of this yogas are still kept secret, some of them almost lost and is hard to find people who can transmit them.


The original aim of this technique is spiritual enlightment but their practical effect is self-generation of inner happiness no matter of outer or inner circumstances. 

As one of my teachers say: Love is the best medicine. The aim of the yogic techniques that i share is to find this love within and spread it in the inner universe (mandala) of our bodies and minds. 


How does this works?

To understand we have to put these exercises in the right context and rely on a subtle medium that can be found through the sensation of breath and the vibration of the voice. 

It is called rLung in Tibetan and it means Wind.

This subtle inner wind can be elusive because it is present half in the body and half in the mind; because of that it is also often called Speech.

When we discover the rLung we came in in contact with the Fire and Water Essences called Tigle in Tibetan. 

Tigles are like inner medicines and are connected to our hormones and warmth of the blood. The successful release of this essences are responsible for the positive results of the practice. 

How do i come in contact with the rLung and the Tigle it carry?

Three main tools are used: body movement/self massage, breath-work, and awareness. 

The thinking mind is left aside and the students are encouraged to get deeper into the raw feeling and sensations they are experiencing while doing the techniques.

Once the subtle vibratory sensations of the Wind are identified, by paying attention to the sensation of warmth and pleasure the Wind carry within we come in contact to the Essences.

Body Mandala Yoga is a research on Internal Yoga Techniques and is contextualised in the principle of Traditional Tibetan Tantric Medicine. 


Wind, Essences, Channels, Chakras, Humors, 7 bodily constituents, 5 Elements are concepts that originate in Traditional Tantric Medicine and Mysticism and cannot be taken away from the practice; otherwise, it can loose its power and go the wrong way.


Body Mandala Yoga connect deeply, energetically and spiritually with ancient Wisdom Traditions with long lineages of compassionate Spiritual Ancestors and share methods for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, which you can apply regardless of your culture, race and religious belief. 

What is Body Mandala Yoga?

Most of the techniques that i share comes from Buddhist High Yoga Tantra but to avoid misunderstanding I have to be clear that I do not teach Buddhism


Many techniques, especially Inner Alchemy, can be used purely as a Buddhist spiritual practice where the health benefit are only seen as positive side effects. Although they share same roots in methods, that practice needs to be transmitted from a qualified Buddhist Spiritual Teacher that old a a true Lineage. Although i carry within me blessings of different Lineages It cannot be learned from me. 

My mission is to Empower others and not to make followers and not to be a Guru.


I am a Yogi and a Brother sharing his experience, so my path can make a positive contribution to the health and happiness on this planet.

And this is my most sincere aim and aspiration, and the aspiration of my teachers.

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