Yogic Methods for Healthy Body, Pleasurable Emotions and Open Mind.

Ancient Wisdom based on Traditional Tantric Medicine




The hidden power of the human body


The fine taste of Awareness

The best support for a joyful life


Everyone calls me Seba and Body Mandala Yoga is my lifetime research into Inner Tantric Yogic Wisdom mainly coming from old traditions that survived and flourished in Tibet.


I started my journey into yoga in 2009 and 11 years of daily practice gave me insight on how

the states of our body, emotions and mind are interdependent influencing, each other.

I use the yogic tools of Movement, Breath, Energy and Awareness to access a deep and strong feeling of warm inner love and satisfaction so I can give my true best with the resources I have in every situation in life.

Yoga is the fire burning in me, and people who get to know me understand the blessings i carry and see that i embody my tantric practice in every moment of my life. 

The joy my practice bring overflow in the will to share all that I am learning and experiencing trough this adventure!

Is my profound aspiration that this ancient techniques will benefit other Brothers and Sisters like they are benefitting me.


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